Chocolate Pudding Fruit: Black Sapote or Black Persimmon

The tropical persimmon Black Sapote (Diospyrosnigra) is native to eastern Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. Black Sapote is a fruit that looks like a tomato and has thin, hard skin. Other names for it include chocolate fruit, black persimmon, and chocolate pudding. The fruit has two to ten brownish-dark red seeds. Buy our best seller here.

It is the ideal sweet snack for gluten-intolerant individuals because it tastes and feels like chocolate pudding. It tastes exactly like chocolate pudding and has a similar texture, making it an excellent sweet snack for gluten-intolerant individuals. The flavor and color of black juice are comparable to those of chocolate, but it contains significantly fewer calories: 45 calories per 100 grams, whereas chocolate has 530 calories per 100 grams.

This chocolate pudding fruit has a lot of vitamins A and C. In Central America, a kilogram of black sapote costs about $2, which is much cheaper than a pound of candy bars, both in terms of cost and health benefits. Black Sapote can be grated and added to cakes, bread, and other baked goods. Put it to use wherever chocolate pudding can be used as a topping. It can even be included in smoothies. Even better, serve crushed fruit vanilla ice cream with maple syrup and spiced rum on top.

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